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Thursday 27th 2022f January 2022

 Original Floating Dragon Patrice/007 hero dragon casino chip, order no. prop1175

Original Screen Used Prop, -


Now only 3807.00 EUR (inside EU incl. VAT)
Export without taxes: 3199.00 EUR / approx. 3519.00 USD

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What a RARITY find! We were able to acquire one of the hero casino chips from the floating dragon casino in Macao in Skyfall. This is the hero chip clearly seen in the film handled by 007 James Bond himself to the casino cashier and also one was seen in Patrice's kill kit. These hero chips are very special as no replicas were made like of the normal casino chips from the floating dragon. These here dragon chips were made directly at the Pinewood studios prop department by a 3-d printer and colored then. The same guys made also the 3-d printer Aston Martin seen in the films miniature scenes. Only a handful of these hero chips are known in private hands! Impossible to find! A hero addition to your James Bond prop collection as not many of the Skyfall props ever hit the collectors market. Take the chance! It is a one-off chance to own this great piece of Bond history! Clearly screen seen! When you check the film they look like black because of the light. we could get now screen shots from the film where the real color red is to see perfect! They were custom made by the prop department so they are hand colored. so a wonderful real hero film prop!

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