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Thursday 27th 2022f January 2022


Original Screen Used Prop, matted and framed


Now only 3998.00 EUR (inside EU incl. VAT)
Export without taxes: 3360.00 EUR / approx. 3696.00 USD

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A ONE TIME CHANCE IN A COLLECTORS LIFE! ONW A PART OF LITTLE NELLY - FULLY CERTIFIED BY LITTLE NELLY OWNE KEN WALLIS HIMSELF! THIS IS THE ONLY LITTLE NELLY PROP ON THE COLLECTORS MARKED YOU CAN FIND! NORMALLY IMPOSSIBLE! EXTREMELY RARE 1966 JAMES BOND SEAN CONNERY LITTLE NELLIE PROP- This is a very rare 'You Only Live Twice' Little Nellie Autogyro prop from 1966 when the film was made. This prop was especially made by Special Effects expert John ('Jack') Stears to simulate the firing effect and sound on Little Nellie. John worked closely with the autogyro's inventor Ken Wallis to create this special part. It was part of a mechanism that would plug into special explosives creating the effects that the film makers needed for the various scenes. Each of the pins that you can see in the photos would connect - then it would create the desired special effect. This part is now totally safe and harmless. Ken Wallis worked very closely with John to create all the weapons and machinery that were on Little Nellie. Incidentally, Ken did all the flying throughout the film in place of Sean Connery. Sean only sat in Nellie at the beginning of the scene and then Ken took over. There was only ever one autogyro used for all the hair-raising scenes. Unlike the action sequences of today where multiple vehicles are used (and are there as back-up), back in those days there was just the one autogyro that Ken managed to do all that amazing stunt work with. Ken very kindly gave this directly for an extensive James Bond Prop collection - mounted on a signed personal card of himl. You will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity and photocopies of a letter from Ken Wallis himself giving further details about the prop. Props from the 1960s James Bond films never come onto the market....especially Little Nellie props are impossible to get. This is a very rare opportunity to get a vintage Sean Connery/James Bond film used prop.

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