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Thursday 27th 2022f January 2022

 Original CASINO ROYALE production used gambling chip, order no. prop1061

Original Screen Used Prop, original gambling chip


Now only 4750.00 EUR (inside EU incl. VAT)
Export without taxes: 3992.00 EUR / approx. 4391.00 USD

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A top rare prop from the first Daniel Craig 007 film CASINO ROYALE. We could aquire one of the original Casino Royale $500.000 square chips. These betting chips can be seen during one of the many scenes in Montenegro at the Le Casino Royale where Bond pits his money and his wits again Le Chiffre. These square chips are incredible rare as the only made a few of them extra for the production of Casino Royale. They were held all by Eon Productions, the production company. Our chip EVEN COMES WITH COA FROM EON PRODUCTIONS!!! THIS IS A ONE-OFF CHANCE FOR YOU AS EON GIVES OUT VERY RARELY OR BETTER TO SAY NEARLY NEVER ANY PROPS INTO PUBLIC! There exist NO replica ones like with the round chips! The square chips are always the rarest and most expencive. For example the ones from Goldeneye or The World is not enough sell for more than 3000 GBP meanwhile! One of the most important props we got from Casino Royale! It is very tough to get anything from the new 007 films! So this is a one-off chance for you, especially as this chip is certified by the Bond production company EON itself with letter of authenticity!

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