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Thursday 09th 2023f February 2023

 Original CASINO ROYALE production used gambling chip, order no. prop1062A

Framed Items - Ready To Hang On Your Wall, original screen seen gambling chip display

Item sold!

A top rare prop from the brandnew 007 film CASINO ROYALE. We could aquire one more of the original Casino Royale $500.000 chips. A square chip used in Casino Royale. This amazing looking chip is made from layered acrylic with stunning text "Casino Royale Montenegro" and the chips value of $500,000. The chips were used in the filming of the poker sequences of the film. Comes custom framed on a laser cut mount board with two movie stills and the film’s title. The overall display measures 56cm x 51cm (22” x 20”). These betting chips can be seen during one of the many scenes in Montenegro at the Le Casino Royale where Bond pits his money and his wits again Le Chiffre. These square chips are incredible rare as they only made around 300 of them extra for the production of Casino Royale. There exist NO replica ones like with the round chips! The square chips are always the rarest and most expencive! One of the few important props we got from Casino Royale!

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