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Thursday 27th 2022f January 2022

 Original Hand Drawn Hero Storyboard, order no. prop1107

Original Screen Used Prop, -

Item sold!

We had the chance to obtain this original hand drawn pencil story board from Sean Connery's last appearance NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN. The famous SUBMARINE SCENE. These ORIGINAL HAND DRAWN STORY BOARDS NORMALLY NEVER HIT THE MARKET AND WE NEVER SAW ANY NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN ORIGINAL DRAWN STORYBOARDS ON THE COLLECTORS MARKET! Only the director and the producer get these original boards.All others (Prop Department....) get only the copies to work with! A WONDERFUL ORIGINAL PRODUCTION MADE ARTWORK PIECE FROM NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN. Original items from NSNA are nearly impossible to find. Take the chance!

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