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Thursday 27th 2022f January 2022

 Original SCREEN SEEN GOLDFINGER SUN LOUNGER, order no. prop1093

Original Screen Used Prop, -

Item sold!

We got hold of an TOP RARITY GOLDFINGER ORIGINAL PROP! An original sun lounger from 'Goldfinger', 1964, gold-coloured tubular metal frame with white-painted slatted top and adjustable back-rest, 170cm (67in) long, 61cm (24in) wide. These sun loungers, together with matching chairs, are present in the early scenes set around the Miami hotel swimming pool. Bond is being given a massage by Dink on one of the loungers just prior to CIA agent, Felix Leiter, informing Bond of his next assignment. This major prop from Goldfinger as perfect clear provenance: It was a gift, in 1967, to my vendor's parents from the sister of Ken Adam (the most famous James Bond film set designer!!!). A one off chance in your life! Original Goldfinger props are virtually impossible to find todays! Something very very special for your collection!

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