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Thursday 27th 2022f January 2022

 Original Never Say Never Again Spectre Agents Modified DSV prop screen used!, order no. prop1088

Original Screen Used Prop, -

Item sold!

We got hold for a very rare screen used James Bond - Never Say Never Again Spectre Agents Modified DEEP SUBMERGENCE VEHICLE or "DSV" named! This Deep Submergence Vehicle or DSV was used in the James Bond classic Never Say Never Again. This bright yellow DSV can be seen in the scenes towards the end of the film as the SPECTRE agents use an underwater river to reach a long forgotten temple where they temporarily store the stolen warheads, these vehicles carry them along the river. This DSV is a 1980s era underwater vehicle with a prop modification light at the front section, this light was made and added to the device for dramatic effect during the scenes when the divers enter the dark caverns. Made of fibreglass with metal handles on the sides for the diver to hold on to. Measures 87cm x 32.5cm. The best NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN prop we ever saw on the market. Original props from NSNA are even more rare than props from the classic other Bond films. It is incredible hard to find props from this film. This is your chance now to own this important piece of 007 history!

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