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Thursday 27th 2022f January 2022

 Original Tomorrow Never Dies Hero Ericsson Cell Phone -film used-, order no. prop1086

Original Screen Used Prop, -

Item sold!

This James Bond movie starring Pierce Brosnan had many gadgets, but one of the most memorable was the customized BMW 750iL and the Ericsson cell phone that remotely controlled it. We had now again the chance to get one of the twelve prop phones that were created for the movie from a good friend. In the past b'bc owned the special effects version with working blue-screen and led's and three of the film used dummy's. These phones are more than rare. As said 12 were produced for the film, two of them were special effect ones with functions, 4 of them used by Pierce and Desmond (this is one of these 4!) and the rest of them were promotional ones (with different inside style). There were two distinct styles of the phone created, with only one of the two styles used on screen. The other style (scan "promo version") was only used for promotions, movie programs, books, etc. The main difference with the promo units are the extra four buttons around the black round pad in the center. The actual prop we have is one of the 4 used ones in the film. This phone was custom made from Ericsson for the film and never did hit the market! Funny thing is that it was named JB988! It comes also along with perfect provenance and a letter from Ericsson about its authenticity. Mr. D. Toor. of Ericsson was the personal assistant of beloved Desmond Llewelyn and did the USA promotion tour with Desmond. He worked for Ericsson in the USA and was responsible for all the Bond phones. After the promotion tour he got all the phones. As far as we know even EON (the bond production) has only a promo version left in their stores. This prop has a crystal clear history! Also it comes with its original stand and custom made box. A real major prop!

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