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Tuesday 16th 2024f July 2024

 7 feet JAMES BOND MODEL GUN used as cover prop for the James Bond novels!, order no. consign3

Original Screen Used Prop, 7 feet long!


Now only 3998.00 EUR (inside EU incl. VAT)
Export without taxes: 3360.00 EUR / approx. 3696.00 USD

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We got hold for an INCREDBILE ITEM! A LARGE James Bond gun model used as a prop for a series of covers for James Bond novels.The Gun Model was commissioned by Stephen Abis Art Director of Granada Publishing in 1976 for use as a photographic prop for a series of paperback covers that were issued in 1977. The model is 7 feet long and is made of wood. It is a working model in that the trigger will activate the hammer. The model was built and used in London and is presently in storage there. It was featured in the Sunday Times Magazine and formed part of a window display in a major London bookshop. There is extensive documentation of the gun in use that can be provided for clarification.The gun is double sided and thus has no bad side. The grips are different colors so that they could have different looks for the photo shoot depending on the angle that they used. The gun does disassemble. The barrel comes off similar to a real 9mm gun, the grips are removable, the hammer is removable and the hand hold detail at the base of the grip is removable.the gun is operational in that if you pull the trigger the hammer is actuated.In addition to general wear and tear there are high heal shoe marks where the models stood on the gun. Weighth is 150lbs! A one time chance to own this incredible gun!

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