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Thursday 27th 2022f January 2022

 -consignment- HERO SCREEN SEEN KEY-FOB, USED BY JAMES BOND 007, order no. prop1012

Original Screen Used Prop, Display Frame, cased and lit

Item sold!

-consignment piece which we sell for our vendor- A MORE THAN RARE HERO PROP FIND FROM ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE! Props belonging to OHMSS are nearly impossible to find. Especially major ones! This item will be instantly recognisable to every Bond fan. We got hold of the original key-fob used by George Lazenby as 007 himself and also used by Diana Rigg as Tracey Bond and by the Concierge in the hotel scene. Produced especially by Pinewood Studios Art Dept! It is extremely rare to find original James Bond props from theolder films. It is even rarer that James Bond has actually used it and that it was to see clearly on screen what makes this key-fob a real collectible piece. Actually hold by 007, Tracey Bond and the bell boy! These scenes were actually shot in Portugal at the Palacio Estoril, not in Italy as the key would suggest.The history of Palacio Estoril mixes reality with fiction: The Hotel went rough second world war and a national revolution. It was also the stage of notable events in golden eras and serfed as a refuge for most european leaders in periods of crisis. It lodged spies and was choosen venue for shooting films. The custom made display cas is included! The case size is 12.5inch by 12.5 inch by 5inch and has a lighting system as you can see from the pictures takes in dark! This is a one time chance for your James Bond collection to own a real hero prop from ON HER MAJESTIES SECRET SERVICE! OHMSS props are the rarest of all Bond films!

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