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Saturday 30th 2023f September 2023

 Original Film Use Moet & Chandon Champagne, order no. prop294

Original Screen Used Prop, -

Item sold!

A real rare chance! We got hold of a prop bottle of Moet & Chandon champagne produced for the 1974 James Bond Movie ?The Man With The Golden Gun?. This prop was produced directly by Moet & Chandon as product placement for their part in advertisement for this movie. It features in the pre-title sequence when Nick-Nack brings a bottle to Scaramanga on his private beach. The bottle has the words printed on one label as follows: "Not for sale, this bottle contains non-alcoholic ginger ale for theatrical use only". All other markings are exact Moet & Chandon markings even including the British Royal seal ?By appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The item is in excellent condition and has aged in a cellar adding to its authentic look. The prop came from a small case of Moet bottles. This particular one was not screen seen as Nick-Nack uncorked that one seen in the movie. However this is one of the back up ones should the scene have failed in any way and was production made for the movie. This was obtained from a small private auction house via a dealer in the south of England. Props from early Bond movies are particularly hard to come by and this one is no exception!

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